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Our premium ceremonial grade Matcha green tea is hands down the best addition to your daily routine for a healthier life regardless of you drinking it as a traditional beverage, as an iced latte or cooking it.


  • High level of anti-oxidants makes your skin look smooth and young!
  • L-theanine increases alertness, concentration and memory whilst caffeine provides you with a sustained release of energy throughout the day without the coffee jitters!
  • Weight loss aid by boosting metabolism and increasing the rate of calorie burning!
  • Mood enhancement and relaxation from just one cup!  


Made from the highest quality green tea, our Matcha is subtly sweet, with a soft creamy texture and a savory finish. We only have a limited quantity of this high quality Matcha so don't wait to try this wonderful offering.



Ceremonial Organic Uji Matcha

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    • Put 1 tsb of matcha powder in a bowl
    • Add water (80°C)
    • Whisk
    • Bring tea to a froth
    • Enjoy